We really pride ourselves on our home cooked meals bringing a little of the Midwest to the east valley with our biscuits and sausage gravy as well as our famous hot beef sandwiches with real mashed potatoes and homemade gravy and don't forget about our famous fish fry on Friday's and Midwest specials during the week which include:

Monday's- Potato Dumplings (Klub or kumla)

Tuesdays- Swedish meatballs or Pecan Chicken Salad

Wednesday- Cabbage rolls

Thursday's- homemade meatloaf

Friday- Fish

Saturday-Hungarian goulash

Two Seasons Café

(480) 641-1161

Monday 6am to 1pm

Tuesday 6am to 1pm

Wednesday 6am to 1pm

Thursday 6am to 1pm

Friday 6am to 7pm

Saturday 6am to 1pm

Sunday 6am to 1pm

6320 E Main St

Mesa, AZ 85205